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Naiorbi IVF Centre has been present in Kenya since 2004, offering innovative solutions, specializing in Assisted Reproductive Technologies services for treatment of infertility.

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Kenya’s #1 for fertility

Nairobi IVF Centre has more experienced fertility specialists, offering many treatment options to create more babies than any other fertility group. 

At NairobiIVF we have a team of fertility specialists as well as access to the advanced science to help give you, your best possible chance of having a baby.

Nairobi IVF is responsible for the first IVF baby’s conception in Kenya. To date, our doctors have been collectively responsible for the conception of over 7,000 Kenyans during the past 15 years, more than half of this country’s IVF conceived population.

Nairobi IVF Centre Has Touched The Lives Of Patients & Provided Care for The Global Community.

Nairobi IVF Centre has been present in East Africa since 2004, offering innovative solutions, specializing in Assisted Reproductive Technologies for treatment of infertility. We have motivated and qualified personnel to ensure you get the best results in the pursuit of having a family.

We hope you will allow us to care for you. We strive to be the first and best choice for fertility solutions. Contact Us For More Information

Nairobi IVF has an active focus in areas of both clinic and laboratory based research.

Some of the advanced scientific techniques and programs we offer include:

> Preimplantation genetic diagnosis to test embryos for specific genetic or chromosomal variations
> Preimplantation genetic screening, also known as PGT-A, to screen all 24 chromosomes in a developing embryo and selectively implant only the ones that are chromosomally healthy
> Time-lapse analysis to record the development of embryos and identify those more likely to result in a pregnancy
> Complementary and adjuvant IVF therapies that may be considered during IVF treatment to improve pregnancy success, particularly in women with repeated IVF failure
> Donor programme including egg, embryo, sperm and surrogacy
Your Nairobi IVF fertility specialist will tailor the most appropriate treatment plan to give you the best opportunity of taking home a baby.

The biggest factor affecting the chance of pregnancy success is the age of the woman. Visit our success rates page for a breakdown of IVF success rates by age group.

If you're not getting the results where you are now, you can contact Nairobi IVF Centre for a second opinion.

Your fertility specialist will play an integral role in your treatment and care, performing all your procedures whenever possible, including monitoring ultrasounds scans, egg collection and embryo transfer, tailoring a treatment plan to suit you.

Your dedicated nursing team will provide you with individualised care throughout your treatment answering any questions and liaising with your fertility specialist.

Our experienced psychologists and social workers provide comprehensive counselling support, in addition to patient support groups which assist in providing emotional benefits and decrease any sense of isolation.
Nairobi IVF Centre provides a comprehensive range of services in Nairobi conveniently close to recreational facilities of interest to international patients.
At Nairobi IVF, we provide access to world-class fertility treatment and advanced science with no hidden fees outside of our IVF treatment costs. We offer a range of payment options to help you manage the cost of fertility treatment.
Seeing a fertility specialist is not always a fast track to IVF. For some couples, less-invasive options such as ovulation cycle tracking, ovulation induction or artificial insemination (IUI) are a first line treatment option to increase fertility. For others, in vitro fertilisation (IVF) or intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) treatment may be recommended.

When you attend an initial consultation with a Nairobi IVF fertility specialist they will undertake a fertility assessment including a pelvic examination, and an evaluation of your menstrual history, timing of intercourse, and previous pregnancies. They will determine whether you are ovulating and organise a semen analysis for your partner to help assist in determining the cause of your pregnancy delay.

After your assessment, your fertility specialist can help determine the best treatment plan for you and discuss your chance of success.
All specialists in Nairobi IVF Centre have advanced training in infertilty and assistive technologies. Our doctors have a masters in Reproductive medicine along with postgraduate specialisation in Assisted Reproductive Technologies.

If you have been trying to conceive for twelve months or more without success (or six months if you are over 36) we recommend a fertility assessment with a Nairobi IVF Centre fertility specialist.

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Ayieta R . Lumbasyo

Medical Law and Bioethics practitioner with sustained in house experience on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cell) and Gamete Donation (Oocyte and Sperm Donation).
Dr Noreh

Dr. Joshua Noreh

Dr. Noreh obtained his undergraduate degree in Medicine and Surgery at The University of Nairobi along with a Masters in Obstetrics and Gynaecology prior to attending.

David Chweya

David Chweya is continually interested in the perplexities and dynamics of infertility. He believes medicine and psychological science are significant in helping man overcome impediments that.

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