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There are many types of clinics out there. Some focus specifically on IVF, and only offer this service.

Others are tailored for people who have limited budget, but straightforward fertility needs.

And then there are clinics that offer a wide-range of services and are equipped to treat the most complicated conditions – from treating gynaecological conditions, offering comprehensive fertility investigations, and alternative fertility treatments, before IVF.

In these clinics, IVF is often the last resort, with many patients not needing to go down the route of IVF to conceive.

When it comes to choosing a fertility clinic, here are a few things to look out for:

Does the clinic offer a range of fertility treatments and assessments?

Have you found a doctor you connect with, and who has the right specialty area for you? Do they listen to your concerns, understand your goals and answer your questions?

Is the clinic in a convenient location?

Does the clinic have leading technology, particularly in the laboratory?

Remember, every fertility journey is unique, just like you!

The first step is to have a consultation with a fertility specialist.

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