Egg Freezing

Elective Egg Freezing

If you want to have a child in the future, but are not in a position to become pregnant right now, then choosing to freeze your eggs may help you to conceive in the future – once you’re ready to start a family.¬†

A woman is most fertile in her 20s and early 30s when her ovaries still contain a large number of healthy eggs. As a woman ages, the quality and quantity of her eggs declines. For the 10 to 15 years before menopause, despite having regular monthly periods, ovarian function declines. This is especially so for women in their 40s who are unlikely to produce a healthy pregnancy.

Get the Facts

There’s a lot to consider whether freezing your eggs is right for you, and the best place to start is to have a 1:1 consultation with a Nairobi IVF Fertility Specialist.

A Fertility Specialist can help you to better understand your options when it comes to Elective Egg Freezing, and will take a medical history, arrange any necessary investigations including blood tests and ultrasound assessment of the ovaries, as well as arrange a counselling referral if appropriate.

You will need a referral from your GP or a medical practitioner to a Nairobi IVF fertility specialist for egg freezing. Download our fertility referral form at the bottom of this page.


What you need to know about egg freezing.

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