Providing Fertility Solutions for The those who want to Start their own Families.

Nairobi IVF Centre has been present in Kenya since 2004, offering innovative solutions, specializing in Assisted Reproductive Technology services for treatment of infertility.

Our philosophy is to work and collaborate to deliver the best experience for the patients. We share your desire for a successful outcome to your fertility treatment. Our close-knit team of experienced healthcare professionals will support you throughout your journey by giving you advice and a personal treatment plan that’s unique to your situation.

Nairobi IVF offers individualised treatment and comprehensive fertility care, which we combine with scientific leadership and worldwide collaboration. This ensures that your fertility journey is as comfortable as we can make it and maximises your chances of having a family.

Ruby Lumbasio

Ayieta R . Lumbasyo

Medical Law and Bioethics practitioner with sustained in house experience on Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART), Regenerative Medicine (Stem Cell) and Gamete Donation (Oocyte and Sperm Donation).
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Dr Noreh

Dr. Joshua Noreh

Dr. Noreh obtained his undergraduate degree in Medicine and Surgery at The University of Nairobi along with a Masters in Obstetrics and Gynaecology prior to attending.
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David Chweya

David Chweya is continually interested in the perplexities and dynamics of infertility. He believes medicine and psychological science are significant in helping man overcome impediments that.
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