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When considering IVF treatment, learning about IVF success rates and understanding what these statistics mean is important to ensure you make the right decision about your future. 

Nairobi IVF Centre is proud of the success rates we achieved. We are responsible for more births through IVF treatment than any other fertility provider in Eastern Africa.

The Nairobi IVF Centre success rates represented in the following graphs are the fresh and frozen embryo transfer clinical pregnancy and live birth outcomes for FY 18-19

Day five ‘Blastocyst’ embryo transfers comprised 90.7% of all fresh embryo transfers performed at Nairobi IVF Centre in FY 2019. The outcomes listed below represent the results for blastocyst stage fresh embryos transferred on day five. 

FY 18-19 Fresh Blastocyst Transfer (Day 5)

FY 18-19 – Fresh Blastocyst Transfers with Preimplantation Genetic Testing/Screening

Want more information about IVF success rates?

At Nairobi IVF Centre, we understand that interpreting IVF success rates can be complex. As well as interpreting the data available there are individual factors affecting your likelihood of success. We will always explain these factors as carefully and openly in relation to how any data is calculated.

The most effective way to understand you, and your partner’s likelihood of success, is to arrange a consultation with one of our fertility specialists. Our role following a thorough assessment is to explain your treatment options and develop with you the most suitable treatment to give you the best possible chance of having a baby.

For further information on interpreting success rates you can refer to the FSA guide“Interpreting Pregnancy Rates: a consumer guide”.

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